Our Faculties

The Faculty of Agronomy

The Faculty of Agronomy is one of the leading educational institutions in the sphere of Czech agricultural science. In its modern laboratories the academic staff deal not only with crop production and animal breeding but also with food production and quality, agroecology, renewable energy resources, agricultural mechanization etc. It was established in 1919 as the new agricultural university.

The Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology

The Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology ranks among the leading institutions of university education, research, development and expertise in the areas of forestry, landscaping, arboriculture, forestry and wood technology, processing and use of wood, and manufacture of furniture. Our mission is to provide broad educational, scientific, research, and creative activity in support of the connection of general public with the landscape, forests, wood and related home furnishings, while emphasizing environmental and aesthetic principles.

The Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE)

Established as early as 1959, the Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) is the oldest faculty of economics in Moravia and as such it belongs to the fundamental pillars of higher education of economics in Czech republic. It awards all types of degrees - Bachelor's, Master's and doctoral. Traditionally, the faculty has offered the Economics and Management study programme. It teaches its students economics, management, information technologies, finance, marketing, accounting and other applications for important sectors of the national economy. According to the desired specialization students can choose to study in one of four accredited subject areas: Economics and Management, Social Economics, Tourism and Trade Management, Business Economics and Management, Economic Informatics, Automatic Control and Informatics, Finance, Public Administration and Finance and Investment Management.

The Faculty of Horticulture

As early as in 1922 the university built its first field centre in Lednice - the Biological Field Station - and almost immediately started work on the idea of eventually opening a separate horticultural unit in Lednice. Lednice is part of the officially designated "Lednice- Valtice Area", listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site of special cultural and environmental interest.

The crowning achievement came in August 1985 when Horticulture was established as a separate faculty of the university (MUAF) in Brno, with its base in Lednice.

University-level teaching of horticulture in Lednice was the first and only institution of its type in the former Czechoslovakia. Faculty has trained and educated more than 5,000 horticulturalists, not only from our three traditional areas of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, but also Slovakia and other countries.

The Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies

The Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies was founded in 2008 as the fifth faculty of Mendel University. The main incentive for establishment of the new faculty was the growing significance of harmonized social, economic and environmental development in concordance with the development of agriculture, forestry and other industrial and business activities in the region both on national and international levels. The objective of the faculty is to prepare experts for solutions of regional development problems requiring multidisciplinary competences.

The Institute of Lifelong Learning

The role of the Institute of Lifelong Learning as a university department of Mendel University in Brno is to provide academic education in selected Bachelor study programs and further lifelong learning focusing on knowledge and skills development, both for the graduates of the University as well as the wide range of people interested in the subjects provided by the University Curriculum.

The Institute also offers a number of study programmes at the University of the Third Age designed for seniors. The Institute also offers consultancy in various areas of interests to the general public. In general, the study programmes provided by the Institute of Lifelong Learning (ILL) follow the range of specialisations available at Mendel University in the accredited study programmes enabling the students to gain the same or overlapping knowledge in the programmes of lifelong learning. The curriculum of the study programmes is extended by programmes specialising in developing language skills, data processing, modern information technologies, improving the knowledge of the society and economy management, organizational structures in current business and their relation to the global economic environment and globalization. The tutorials cover also the issues of agriculture, environment, law, communication etc.