About the Insitute

The role of the Institute of Lifelong Learning as a university department of Mendel University in Brno is to provide academic education in selected Bachelor study programs and further lifelong learning focusing on knowledge and skills development, both for the graduates of the University as well as the wide range of people interested in the subjects provided by the University Curriculum.

The Institute also offers a number of study programmes at the University of the Third Age designed for seniors. The Institute also offers consultancy in various areas of interests to the general public. In general, the study programmes provided by the Institute of Lifelong Learning (ILL) follow the range of specialisations available at Mendel University in the accredited study programmes enabling the students to gain the same or overlapping knowledge in the programmes of lifelong learning. The curriculum of the study programmes is extended by programmes specialising in developing language skills, data processing, modern information technologies, improving the knowledge of the society and economy management, organizational structures in current business and their relation to the global economic environment and globalization. The tutorials cover also the issues of agriculture, environment, law, communication etc.


At present, the ILL consists of five departments.

  • Advisory Centre
  • Department of Continuing Education
  • Department of Expert Engineering
  • Department of Senior Education
  • Department of Social Science