◾Landscape and Land-use Planning in Regional Development Mendel University

About the Faculty

The Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies was founded in 2008 as the fifth faculty of Mendel University. The main incentive for establishment of the new faculty was the growing significance of harmonized social, economic and environmental development in concordance with the development of agriculture, forestry and other industrial and business activities in the region both on national and international levels. The objective of the faculty is to prepare experts for solutions of regional development problems requiring multidisciplinary competences.


At present, the faculty consists of seven departments; the one with the longest history being the Department of Regional and Business Economics, whose predecessor, the Department of Agricultural Economics was founded in 1922. The history of the Department of Languages and Cultural Studies, which was constituted in 2003, stretches back to 1950.

  • Department of Demography and Applied Statistics
  • Department of Environmentalistics and Natural Resources
  • Department of Languages and Cultural Studies
  • Department of Regional and Business Economics
  • Department of Regional Development and Public Administration
  • Department of Social Development
  • Department of Territorial Studies