About Mendel University

Mendel University in Brno was established in 1919 and presently has five faculties and one institute:

  • Faculty of Agronomy
  • Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology
  • Faculty of Business and Economics
  • Faculty of Horticulture
  • Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies
  • Institute of Lifelong Learning

In order to train students, to conduct research and to verify theoretical knowledge in practice the University has the University Farm in Žabčice and the Forest Training Centre in Křtiny at its disposal. The complementary teacher training in technical subjects, courses for job trainers, education of senior citizens within the University of the Third Age and educational courses tailored to the needs of general public are all arranged by the Institute of Lifelong Learning, established in 2003. Both the botanical garden and the arboretum frequently serve teaching purposes. Automated systems of administration, in the forms of the University Information System and the economic agenda system, are operated by the Institute of Informatics and Communication Technologies.

At the moment, there are about 11,000 students studying at all the five faculties. The University has adopted the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and some of the programmes are offered in English.

Facilities at the University

  • Accommodation for all international students
  • Catering in the central university cafeteria
  • International Summer School organised every year
  • Social events for international students all year round
  • Sporting facilities and gym
  • Ski courses in winter and canoeing courses in summer
  • International Student Club (ISC MENDELU)
  • Botanical Garden and Arboretum
  • University Farm in Žabčice
  • University Forest Training Centre in Křtiny

Organization of Studies

The academic year is divided into two semesters (winter and summer semesters), each of them lasting 14 teaching weeks. Each semester is followed by a four- to five-week examination period. Most of the courses are compulsory. Students can study their subjects in Czech or English. Each faculty of Mendel University offers selected teaching programmes in English, and the Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies provides all its teaching programmes in English.

All the faculties offer three-year Bachelor study programmes. Successful students can then continue their studies in the two year Master's programme. Graduates are awarded the degree of “Inženýr” (i.e. Engineer, in abbr. Ing.). To finish their studies students must pass the final state exam and defend their final year dissertation. The faculties also organise Doctoral study programmes which take three years of studies. Participants in these programmes are graduates from the Master's programme. The programme is completed by the Ph.D. state exam and defence of the Ph.D. thesis.

In addition it must be mentioned that the University is also participating in many academic exchange programmes and organizing summer courses, workshops, conferences and seminars. Most of these activities are in English.